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[debian-knoppix] Network booting version 3.2

I've been playing with Knoppix for a couple of weeks and I must say I'm 
impressed.  What I'm looking for now is alternatives to CDROM booting.

I'm running it on a WinXP machine that I don't want to change the 
partitioning on, so I've ruled out copying to the hard drive.  (Though I'd be 
interested if it was possible to do a poorman's install or a boot from an ISO 
image that was copied to the native NTFS, but I'm not interested in a full.)

Anyhow, I booted Knoppix on a server, and started the 'terminal server'.  
Then on a client I netbooted.  It did the initial DHCP and came up with the 
boot screen and the 'boot:' prompt.  But when I hit return it tried to 
connect and reported the following error:

kmod: failed to exec /bin/modprobe -s -k etho, errno=2

and I don't have a clue what to do next, any suggestions or information that 
would help figure what what is going wrong?

Thanks,  Bill
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