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[debian-knoppix] Floppyconfig command-line space changes in 3.2

In Knoppix 3.2, I've noticed some errors related to floppyconfig in my
remasters (where I add floppyconfig to all the command lines so all my
remasters so Knoppix will check for a floppy automatically during
boot.)  I see differences in knoppix-autoconfig related to the
handling of space characters in the command line.  For example:

-stringinstring "$1" "$CMDLINE"
+stringinstring " $1" "$CMDLINE"
 return "$?"

 # Check if we want the config floppy
-case "$CMDLINE" in *myconf*|*floppyconf*|*custom*) MYCONF="yes"; ;;
+case "$CMDLINE" in *\ myconf*|*\ floppyconf*|*\ custom*)
MYCONF="yes"; ;; esac
+if [ -n "$MYCONF" ]; then
+# Check for given config directory
+MYCONFDIR="$(getbootparam 'myconfig')"
+[ -n "$MYCONFDIR" ] || MYCONFDIR="$(getbootparam 'myconf')"
+[ -n "$MYCONFDIR" ] || MYCONFDIR="$(getbootparam 'floppyconfig')"
+[ -n "$MYCONFDIR" ] || MYCONFDIR="$(getbootparam 'floppyconf')"
+[ -n "$MYCONFDIR" ] || MYCONFDIR="$(getbootparam 'custom')"

So I'm now triggering this error check:

echo "${CRE}${RED}Invalid configdir '$MYCONFDIR' specified (must start with /dev/ or /mnt/ or 'scan').${NORMAL}"
echo "${CRE}${RED}Option ignored.${NORMAL}"

"knoppix floppyconfig" still works on a fresh CD, but something I'm
doing to the command line is not what Knoppix is expecting.

This change wasn't noted in the Knoppix 3.2 release notes that I could
see; what was the intent of these cmdline-related changes and what are
the new rules for dealing with the Knoppix command line?

-- jared@wordzoo.com

"A pessimist is one who has been intimately acquainted with an optimist."
        -- Elbert Hubbard
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