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[debian-knoppix] Re: ReMastering Knoppix <--> Metadistros

On Wed, 19 Mar 2003, sean finney wrote:

> ...
Fully ACK to all Sean has said above ...

> yeah, no sense at all in having 20 people re-inventing each other's
> wheels.
Remark here: Perhaps trying to build one vehicle with really round wheels
would solve the re-inventing problem in my opinion.  That's why I started
my first posting with the words:

      A triangular wheel is better than a quadratic one
      because it shakes one times less per turn. ;-)

Please keep in mind: If Metadistros (which is a very interesting project) would
be integrated into Debian you would not have to care for its pupularity which
it would gain on the back of Debian without any effort.

So we have one vehicle which we just have to keep as flexible and good as
possible to fit all needs.

Kind regards


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