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Re: [debian-knoppix] variety of offers

Why all this talk about a hypothetical modular system that people have been busy
building for nearly 1,5 months? Why talk about splitting hardware detection from
UI when it's already done, and it works? Why wondering how much work it would
be, when a project already has 3 different UI modules (icewm/gnome2.2/kde3.1)
working pretty nicely, and a server, a PVR, a LAN and an Expert module are on
the way? Why dream about an ISO generator when a project already has one?
(albeight it needs tending to now, as no one used it)

True, this is a tad drama, but it is frustrating that this already becoming
quite a reality opposed to just idea's (see
http://am.xs4all.nl/drupal/node.php?id=17 for an initial outline from begin
januari, came to the same conclusion i hear echo'ed here), while i see most
people here not knowing it exists. Yes, this is yet another morphix plug, I
would just want to ask people to at least take a look at morphix and try it out
for themselfs before inventing the wheel yet another time... www.morphix.org

Cheers, and sorry for sounding so desperate :o)


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