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Re: [debian-knoppix] one solution to the KNOPPIX CD-ROM space problem

On Fri, Dec 20, 2002 at 07:51:08AM +0100, Valentijn Sessink wrote:
> > Klaus can clone himself by writing a tool that would allow any person to
> > be Klaus. Which is to say that he can clone himself by writing a tool
> > that would allow any person to create a perfect .iso. Klaus, if you
> > automated that process, you'd REALLY have something on your hands.
> Klaus is way ahead of you. He even cloned the cloner. I'm building a build
> tool. Just a couple of bash scripts ;-)
> Klaus: do you just chroot() into the knoppix cloop-dir (the directory
> from which you build the KNOPPIX/KNOPPIX file in the end) to
> install/deinstall packages, or is there other voodoo involved? (Please note
> that I didn't look into this yet, so this might be an obvious question).

Actually, on my main build machine (the one for the downloadable
version), the / filesystem is really the one that is getting
mkisofs'd and create_compressed_fs'd. No chroot, but that would also be
possible. You may guess this from the build scripts that I frequently
posted here (of course they are changing all the time, the more
workarounds have to be established).

/KNOPPIX.build is the directory that contains custom packages and
the Knoppix.Master partition where the ISO image will be created.
It will be ignored by mkisofs via the -m option (like many others, you
may grep for mkisofs in the very first blocks of /dev/cloop to see the
actual mkisofs commandline used). This is of course a very individual
setup, you could do this in many other (and possibly better) ways.
Therefore I don't really recommend to anyone using my build scripts,
because they basically destroy your system if you call them on a normal debian
installation (lots of temporary files removed and configuration files
reset to default values, killing of all processes that prevent /
from being mounted read-only and so on).

The only single advantage of having a KNOPPIX harddisk installation as
the master AND build system is that you can be sure that all you need
for rebuilding is present on the CD, and that the system does in fact
work as expected before you master a CD.

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