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[debian-knoppix] Should there be gaps in my /dev/tty's?


This looks odd to me:

# cd /dev
# ls tty?
tty0  tty1  tty3  tty4  tty5  tty7  tty8  tty9

So tty2 and tty6 aren't there.

Also there are other gaps in the sequence:

# ls tty[0-9][0-9]
tty10  tty13  tty17  tty21  tty24  tty29  tty32  tty36  tty44  tty49  tty52 tty56  tty60
tty11  tty14  tty18  tty22  tty25  tty30  tty33  tty41  tty46  tty50  tty53 tty58  tty61
tty12  tty15  tty20  tty23  tty26  tty31  tty35  tty43  tty48  tty51  tty54 tty59  tty62

Where my Potato box has the sequence continuous through tty63. Is the bug
a _moth_ eating holes in my devices?

>From the file dates it looks like /dev/tty's 1-6 get recreated on boot -
whereas tty0 and everything above tty6 have dates inherited from the distro
(both for Knoppix and Potato).

On short experiment, ./MAKEDEV /dev/tty2 & 6 appears to fix the respawning
problem. But of course the next time I reboot (and the machine's been
rebooted a few times since this problem showed up) how do I avoid it losing
those devices again? And what are those other gaps in the tty lineup doing
there? I suppose it could be file corruption on the disk, but that wouldn't
explain the missing tty2 & 6, since those look to be freshly created on
every boot, so the problem shouldn't be consistent on rebooting as it has
been if it's a problem with the disk or files.

Is there some little buggy loop that's responsible for the device creation?
I can't find anything in /etc/init.d that looks like a candidate. Is there
a bug in the kernel as compiled?

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