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[debian-knoppix] Problem with respawning gettys too fast

Since I don't have khubd and kapmd running on my Potato box which doesn't
have the respawning problem, I was looking at what they are - evidently
kernel functions for USB and power management. The box with the problem
doesn't have USB, and isn't a laptop where APM would make much sense (if it
even has any support for it). 

Hmm, killing khubd doesn't fix it. They come back after 5 minutes, and go
way for another five less than a minute later. A simple kill to kapmd
doesn't work, and since I'm remote from the machine I'm hesitant to force it
just now.

Not seeing anything in the logs. Using Google found a mention that logging
daemons themselves can be involved in respawn problems, but not enough
detail to see how to test that. Is there some way to trace what's causing
the respawning that init is objecting to?

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