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[debian-knoppix] 2-sided jewelcase insert available for KNOPPIX 3.1 08-11-2002-BETA


I created a 2-sided jewelcase insert for KNOPPIX 3.1 08-11-2002-BETA, in
English, for US (letter) paper, for myself; it contains most of the text
from Klaus's cheatcodes file. Perhaps others will find it useful; feel
free to download and use it.

The ".sxw" source, as well as PostScript and PDF derivatives, are avail-
able. Use them in good health. They live at:

    KNOPPIX Stuff
        knoppix.31.08112002.jewelcase.en.us.pdf      78k
        knoppix.31.08112002.jewelcase.en.us.ps.gz    83k
        knoppix.31.08112002.jewelcase.en.us.sxw      29k

I created the .sxw file using OpenOffice 1.0.1 under Windows 2000 SP2,
the PostScript file by printing the .sxw file to an Apple LaserWriter
v23.0 pseudoprinter, and the PDF file by printing the .sxw file to a
FinePrint pdfFactory Pro v1.54 pseudoprinter.

I've not tested the PostScript file on a true PostScript printer; please
don't hesitate to report any problems or questions to me.

Eric De Mund <ead@ixian.com> | Ixian Systems, Inc. | 53 49 B2 23 AF 6C 20 81
http://www.ixian.com/ead/    | Mountain View, CA   | ED DD 4C 81 AA C9 D1 A5
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