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Re: [debian-knoppix] PS/2 mouse and hard drive question

sorry for not quoting the entire discussion ... I think ANYTHING with more than 2 levels of text is totally useless.


To my knowledge, disabling the primary IDE controller WILL prevent ANY OS from accessing the hard-drive. 

The controller does not know the drive exists, therefore can NOT execute any commands Linux (any distry) or any OS 
might place directly to the controller (if that is possible, which I doubt).

You may be right 
(I may be crazy, but it just might be a lunatic youre looking for... -=Quiz=-: This lines are from WHICH song ? ;))

.... when you say: DISABLING the harddisk (in basic CMOS setup) might not prevent Linux to access the disk (as just 
the BIOS does not know its there, but accessing might still be possible).

Anyway, you know how the BUS works... basically:

[CPU]=====[Chipset containing IDE Controllers]-------------[Primary IDE Controller inside this chipset]------------[HardDrive]

So, what remains when you disable the Controllers ?

[CPU]=====[Chipset containing IDE Controllers]-------------]              no connection                   [-----------[HardDrive]

As you can see, no operating system can access your harddrive if you disable the controller.

Well, I have 2 solutions which will prevent you from having to enter your BIOS everytime you want to change your OS:

a) cut the cower cord to the HD and place a 2-line-switch so the control over your harddisk

 - I would NOT recommend this. Its similar to what Stephen is already trying
 + easy to install
 + power surges may result from accidentally throwing the switch during operation, destroying the HD

b) Use a changable HD Frame.

 + even easier: Shut Down the PC, remove the HD, done.
 - not so easy to install
 + no surges as sophisticated frames do not connect HDs inserted during operation.

Best regards

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