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Re: [debian-knoppix] PS/2 mouse and hard drive question

Hi Sebastian,

Thanks for your advice.

At 03:26 PM 2002/11/5 +0100, Sebastian Schneider wrote:

- snip -
But I have read about PS/2 problems on
knoppix.org (linking to Klaus Knoppers Homepage) and there should be a "cheat code" to enable your mouse. On the Start-Screen (Where you boot knoppix), instead of waiting or typing knoppix[ENTER] press F2 to access a help screen,
containing "cheat codes" (which are just boot options).

I did as advised. Pressing F2 started a screen displaying the configuration of Knoppix and drivers used (I saw PS/2 mouse there). However I could not navigate to make a change there nor could I notice the "boot options" there.

Kindly advise.  Thanks in advance.

Stephen Liu

>2) Hard drive
>In order to protect the hard drive of a Windows PC avoiding a mishap, I
>disconnected its power cable.  Could disable detecting hard disk from BIOS
>has the same effect.  The latter arrangement is more convenient without
>opening the PC box.

Some BIOSes do look for a harddisk on primary master, even if you disable it in the "Standard CMOS Options" - there should be a menu option where you can disable the "Primary IDE Controller" which would disable youd C-Drive and any other Harddisk, that may be on the second IDE Port of the primary channel. Most people have their CD-Roms on the secondary channel and their harddisks on the primary one, so make sure you have enough RAM to run Knoppix (which I assume you have). If you disable the primary channel, NO HARDDISK ON THAT CABLE WILL BE FOUND.

But Knoppix does NOT access your harddisk at all. Its totally running from the memory - it puts a "RAM-Drive" there, which is basically a "Software Harddisk" which resides in your system memory. Only if you have less then 128 Megabytes of RAM it ASKS if it MAY create a "Swap File" if you have free space on one of your harddisks. This file will be called knoppix.swp. Allowing Knoppix to create a Swap File is totally save: It is just like any other file on your FAT Partition, and will not delete or move any other files. Windows does the same thing - but all the time, and it does not ask
for permission ;)

But I understand you want to be sure, so disable the primary controller and you will be save. But remember to turn it
back on, when you want to boot Windows instead ;)

I would even prefer disabling the controller over removing the power plug. Each time you reconnect the plug there might
be static on your harddisk, which may damage the rest of your computer

This mail is NO OFFENSE and not meant as such. I was not sure which level of knowledge on PC hardware you have,
so I tried to cover the basics as well.


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