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[debian-knoppix] Linksys WPC11 Wireless

I went to Schlotzsky's to try the wireless card using Knoppix off the cdrom. I used 31-10-2002-EN version.

I had my wireless card in when I booted.

It detected my card and said unsupported card in eth0. It DID proberly identify the card and manfid, but still said unsupported.

I looked and orinoco_cs driver is there. I manually created /etc/pcmcia/hermes.conf and put the following in it:

card "Instant Wireless PC Card"
manfid 0x0274,0x1613
bind "orinoco_cs"

then I did modprobe orinoco_cs

I then tried service network restart (as I did with Red Hat) and it said unknown command.

Since Knoppix DOES identify the card and manfid correctly, would it be possible for knoppix to configure the card by creating a hermes.conf file?

I am willing to test it if the change is made.

After it not working, I booted into Red Hat 8.0 and got on IRC, just to make sure wireless was still there. Tech2K on IRC and a few others saw me there.


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