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Re: [debian-knoppix] PS/2 mouse and hard drive question

Am Dienstag, 5. November 2002 10:49 schrieb Stephen Liu:
> Hi all,
> I am running Knoppix 3.1 to introduce Linux to my friends and expect to
> have advice from the List on following problem and question.
> 1) PS/2 mouse
> I ran Knoppix 3.1 on a Windows PC and it did not detect the PS/2 mouse
> which ran without problem on Windows environment.  I plugged in a USB mouse
> then it worked.  I tested another PS/2 mouse with the same result, not
> being detected.  I ran Xconfigurator and following command prompted:
> bash : Xconfigurator : command not found.

You have to call 'xf86cfg'.

I've never heard of Xconfigurator before ...

Seems to be specific to some distribution ...

Also try with certain parameters like wheelmouse or leave it out ...

For example using wheelmouse parameter, when the mosue has no wheel leads to 
misdetection :-)

> 2) Hard drive
> In order to protect the hard drive of a Windows PC avoiding a mishap, I
> disconnected its power cable.  Could disable detecting hard disk from BIOS
> has the same effect.  The latter arrangement is more convenient without
> opening the PC box.

I think to disable it just in the BIOS can never have this efefct, as linux is 
not using the bios-syscalls, after it is loaded and uses its own drivers to 
access hw directly, which is much more faster ...

But Klaus, what about a nohd=hda1 Option ?

So you could delete the specific file and let it point to /dev/null / 
/dev/zero ... :-)


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