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[debian-knoppix] Knoppix Autoconfig hangs with systems using Firewire / IEEE 1394


I've got two computers that have firewire / IEE1394 cards that are hanging during the autoconfiguration -- first is a laptop (HP N5445 P3 1.06GHz) and the other is a desktop (HP 760N, P4 1.8Ghz). I've tested the program on two other desktops and an HP 5450 laptop and it worked flawlessly (even discovered the D-Link 802.11b wifi card & hooked the laptop up to the network!)

I was able to get the 760N desktop to work with Knoppix by physically removing the firewire card, but that's impossible with the laptop. Both firewire devices are controlled via PCI Bus 2. The desktop uses a firewire card based on an Agere chip, and the laptop is using one based on a Texas Instruments OHCI.

Is there a command (cheat code) that can be entered to disable the autoconfig scanning these devices like the noscsi one?



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