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Re: [debian-knoppix] Re: Space problems....


> -It's not really practical to have multiple CDs, right?  That is, even
>  if it is technically possible to switch among CDs (which I don't know
>  whether it is), swapping CDs would be cumbersome, no?  Is it
>  practical/possible to install applications dynamically?  Many
>  machines I've used Knoppix on have some kind of secondary storage
>  which presumably can be made use of...

I agree too! Just a subdir 'Linux' on a FAT containing your custom apps. I'm
using the Opera web browser in this way.

> -I suppose trying to maintain one mostly KDE CD and one mostly GNOME
>  CD might require too many resources / too much time.  Even if it
>  didn't, would this address the situation at hand?

...or...get rid of 'm both...Every distribution has to make decisions..
might not be a bad idea to just include one nice/functional window manager.
If you want custom linux, install your own Debian!

> -Could the process of putting together a custom Knoppix CD be made any
>  easier?  ...

Yes, this too.. If knoppix itself would be really small + a script to
install any apps you want, that would be 'perfection' :-)

> Having said all of that, I'm fairly happy w/ the existing CD

Well, I am too.. But all these requests of people "can you put xx on it?
it's lovely"..
Knoppix has ~2Gb to fill, and it's amazing how linux absorbs all this space
with the ease of Windows... Whatever happened to 1Gb linux partitions, you
need at least 3Gb nowadays..


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