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[debian-knoppix] Space problems....


My German is not good enough to write a post like this, sorry :-))

All this talk about space problems..
We have ~2Gb. There must be something we can do with it.
What about keeping 1 app of each kind, instead of including all
This might make Linux more accessible to new users too! When I start knoppix
(or any modern distribution for that matter) I can choose between at least 2
office suites (every app twice!), 3 browsers (overkill!), >2 desktops, 2
development apps, and so forth..

I would say: select the most neutral of each. By neutral I mean no GNOME or
KDE specific app. I guess Konqueror can't go, but Mozilla is at least as
good as Netscape, so Netscape can go, I guess. What else, KDevelop and
Glade.. What about the neutral/open-source Anjuta? It's even easier to use
on-the-fly since it doesn't need project-files/make-files... OpenOffice is
preferable to KOffice (haven't used them both very much, but it seems they
do the same stuff).

I guess the window managers don't take up too much space.. The GNOME/KDE
issue might be too difficult to solve. It's of course nice to have a
'start'-menu with hundreds of apps so the user can pick the one he likes,
but most knoppix users don't have 'one they like'. And it's far more
important to have all api's and lib's on the CD, than the apps themselves,
because any custom apps can reside on a FAT partition and be run from there,
as long as all the .so's can be found.

# ./shields up


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