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Re: [debian-knoppix] Space problems....

On Wed, Aug 07, 2002 at 03:07:22PM +0200, Lionello Lunesu wrote:
> All this talk about space problems..
> We have ~2Gb. There must be something we can do with it.
> What about keeping 1 app of each kind, instead of including all
> alternatives?
> This might make Linux more accessible to new users too! When I start knoppix
> (or any modern distribution for that matter) I can choose between at least 2
> office suites (every app twice!), 3 browsers (overkill!), >2 desktops, 2
> development apps, and so forth..

Actually, people are requesting more browsers... Apparently it is more
important to have things like "dillo" on the CD than Apache/MySQL/PHP.

> I would say: select the most neutral of each. By neutral I mean no GNOME or
> KDE specific app. I guess Konqueror can't go, but Mozilla is at least as
> good as Netscape, so Netscape can go, I guess. What else, KDevelop and

Netscape is not installed.

> Glade.. What about the neutral/open-source Anjuta? It's even easier to use
> on-the-fly since it doesn't need project-files/make-files...

I have not looked into Anjuta yet. Is is really as functional as kdevelop,
and has good templates for KDE/QT too?

> OpenOffice is
> preferable to KOffice (haven't used them both very much, but it seems they
> do the same stuff).

Ooooh... Big trouble here. ;-)
*leans back and waits for the flames*

> I guess the window managers don't take up too much space.. The GNOME/KDE

In fact, they DO. Even the so-called "small" ones (xfce about 8 Megs,
but that is unfortunately MY favourite ;-). 

> issue might be too difficult to solve. It's of course nice to have a
> 'start'-menu with hundreds of apps so the user can pick the one he likes,
> but most knoppix users don't have 'one they like'. And it's far more
> important to have all api's and lib's on the CD, than the apps themselves,
> because any custom apps can reside on a FAT partition and be run from there,
> as long as all the .so's can be found.
> # ./shields up

Well, I'm curious about the answers.

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