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Bug#656341: KMS not enabled with ATI Radeon HD 6310 (but it works with Ubuntu 11.10)


Vlado Plaga wrote:

>    So far I could not get KMS to work in Debian, although I tried
>    different kernels (3.2.0-rc7 too) and even compiling my own
>    kernel with Radeon firmware built-in (which failed to boot,
>    though).

Radeon KMS works fine for me.  Could you say a little more about the
symptoms?  Does the machine boot correctly with Debian kernels?  If it
doesn't, what is the nature of the failure?  Do you have logs of the
failure?  Are you sure the problem is KMS --- e.g., does booting in
recovery mode with the radeon.modeset=0 kernel command line parameter
avoid trouble?

> pn  firmware-linux-nonfree  0.34

Hmm, so the Radeon firmware is not installed?  What does "ls -lR
/lib/firmware | grep radeon | head" give?

Sorry for the trouble, and hope that helps,

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