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Re: New maintainer for ARM


2011/5/5 Arnaud Patard <arnaud.patard@rtp-net.org>:
> Martin Michlmayr <tbm@cyrius.com> writes:

>> Here are some outstanding bugs/tasks regarding the ARM kernels:

>> #604013 base: "ls -al" on armel inside loopback mounted ISO image failes with -1 ENOMEM
>> Nobody has been able to reproduce and the submitter doesn't respond.
>> Maybe ping the submitter again, close if no reply.

Looks like ownership problem, already closed.

>> #622325 linux-image-2.6.38-2-orion5x: Problem With I2C
>> Forward upstream, bisect.

I am unable to test this one. I got no hardware. As a side note:
The code that introduces that message is found at
On DNS323 "m41t80" is an i2c device at 0x68, but I fail to see what
can be going wrong, maybe it ring some bell on your side.

>> #614593 Please add new armel kernel flavour for the Marvell DB-78x00-BP Development Board
>> I still believe this is a bad idea since it will make kernel builds
>> slower for very little gain (there are no users of this board outside
>> of our buildd infrastructure).  A similar problem exists on MIPS and I
>> think Ben wanted to look into the possibility of adding configs
>> without enabling them by default but providing an easy way to compile
>> the image.

> I can't comment on that one but at least, the solution of adding support
> but not enabling it by default may be a solution.

I think that would be helpful. Steve is taking the burden of building
those kernels, I have carbon copied him to check his input about it.
If it is fine, I can try to prepare a patch for Arnaud suggestion,
which it is fine with me too.

>> squashfs: #613658  There are some options that may have to be selected
>> on ARM.

> hmm... I didn't notice this bug. The ARM options are enabled by default
> like the other options. I don't know if it can have some side effects at
> run time. I guess it should be fine otherwise some Kconfig patching will
> be needed (I'm thinking of the ARMTHUMB decoder option)

This bug has first to be fixed in common code, which has happen on SVN trunk.
We need to enable on armel/armhf common file: (sounds about right?)

Would it be sensible to add ... ?
#. "Additional option for memory-constrained systems"

I think it would be interesting to have one armel/armhf common config,
but I have not yet looked into that.

>> Also: look through open bugs to see if there are other ARM related
>> issues.

I have just sent a patch that applies on current trunk for
  Bug#625804: rtc/mc13xxx: don't call rtc_device_register with the lock held

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