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Bug#604096: Bug#601341: Bug#602418: #601341, #602418 and #604096 seem to be duplicates

On Tue, 2010-12-21 at 15:02 -0500, Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk wrote:
> So e1687eae is upstream,

yes, it's c07fbfd17e61 upstream. I switched to that since I prefer
upstream versions where possible.

> Hmm, did you also include:
>   "ttm: When TTM_PAGE_FLAG_DMA32 allocate pages under and" in your tree, ah yes - you
>    pulled the devel/ttm.pci-api-v2 which has an updated variant of that.
> > 
> > dbbc947 and 95518271 seem to have a lot in common.
> Yup. The architecture of the ttm code changed from 2.6.34->2.6.37.

Thanks. S since the Debian kernel has has DRM/TTM from 2.6.33 I assume I
want the NEEDS_IOREMAP (95518271) version.

I'm about to try my backport of devel/ttm.pci-api-v2 which contains:
        drm/ttm: Add ttm_tt_free_page
        ttm: Introduce a placeholder for DMA (bus) addresses.
        ttm: Utilize the dma_addr_t array for pages that are to in DMA32 pool.
        ttm: Expand (*populate) to support an array of DMA addresses.
        radeon/ttm/PCIe: Use dma_addr if TTM has set it.
        nouveau/ttm/PCIe: Use dma_addr if TTM has set it.
        radeon/PCIe: Use the correct index field.
        9551827190db ttm: Set VM_IO only on pages with TTM_MEMTYPE_FLAG_NEEDS_IOREMAP set.
        c54d5aa10b7a ttm: Change VMA flags if they != to the TTM flags.
        c07fbfd17e61 fbmem: VM_IO set, but not propagated
        d541daf6b956 pvops: make pte_flags() go via pvops

In addition the Debian kernel already contains 
        25021c9 x86: define arch_vm_get_page_prot to set _PAGE_IOMAP on VM_IO vmas
        2eb6682 drm: recompute vma->vm_page_prot after changing vm_flags
"pvops: make pte_flags() go via pvops" was the only bit of the patches
which were omitted from the Debian kernel (the revert of bcf16b6b4f34)
which didn't already appear to have been replaced by the other patches
(ignoring all the AGP stuff) so I figured I may as well give it a go.

My previous attempt (with all of the above except but "make pte_flags()
go via pvops") failed because I botched the backport of "radeon/PCIe:
Use the correct index field." and only fixed one of the wrong indexes.
FWIW I think that patch should be folded down into the original patch
for upstreaming.


Ian Campbell
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