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Bug#436267: Firewire support in lenny

On Sun, 20 Apr 2008, Michael Stone wrote:

> No, not particularly at this point; I think there are plenty of bug  
> reports indicating that the userspace components in debian don't support  
> juju well.

well that is quite a shame!?!
juju is been released on the third fedora release

for most userspace apps there exist working patches as documented
by post of libdc1394 maintainer.

> (Or, if you're talking about the issues with firewire chains,  
> I was hoping for a "yes that works here" or "it doesn't work for  
> anybody" before I spend an hour or two gathering information. Especially  
> since leaving a firewire device plugged into the hub causes the whole  
> system to freeze after a minute or two.)

indeed this beahaviour is known to work with latest 2.6.25 stack

>> that would be a start to do something useful.
> A start to doing something useful would be to admit that there is no  
> possibility that the new firewire stack can be reasonably tested for  
> video applications by the time lenny freezes.

we reverted for etch+half, if userspace stays as lame as currently
it is still an option for Lenny but we'd prefer out of several
provided grounds not to be forced to do that.

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