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Bug#436267: Firewire support in lenny

I've tried the 2.6.25-trunk kernel, and the latest in sid and as of today (2008-04-20) the only way I can transfer videos from my dv camera to my hard disk is with Holger's kernels (the ones with the old firewire stack enabled). I do not understand why the debian kernel maintainers are so unwilling to allow people to choose which firewire stack they use. This is clearly a case of theory not matching reality--it is irrelevant whether the new stack is conceptually cleaner if it doesn't work with the software people are trying to use. In my experience, the new stack is much better for firewire attached disks, but unusable for video work. Are the people pushing for having only the new stack in the debian kernels doing video work? (I'm also having no success whatsoever in using the new stack for devices attached to firewire hubs or daisy chained from one device to another; only direct connect seems to be working--anyone else having the same problem?)

Mike Stone

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