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Bug#436267: Firewire support in lenny

On Sun, Apr 20, 2008 at 01:02:18PM -0400, Michael Stone wrote:
> I've tried the 2.6.25-trunk kernel, and the latest in sid and as of 
> today (2008-04-20) the only way I can transfer videos from my dv camera 
> to my hard disk is with Holger's kernels (the ones with the old firewire 
> stack enabled). I do not understand why the debian kernel maintainers 
> are so unwilling to allow people to choose which firewire stack they 
> use. This is clearly a case of theory not matching reality--it is 
> irrelevant whether the new stack is conceptually cleaner if it doesn't 
> work with the software people are trying to use. In my experience, the 
> new stack is much better for firewire attached disks, but unusable for 
> video work. Are the people pushing for having only the new stack in the 
> debian kernels doing video work? 

boaah as debian developer can you please send in a proper bug report.
open a new bug with all your hardware info dmesg, lspci.
used firewire userspace components.
that would be a start to do something useful.



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