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Re: automatic custom kernels?

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On Fri, 16 Dec 2005 21:09:21 +0100
Andreas Barth <aba@not.so.argh.org> wrote:

> Hi,
> * Micah Anderson (micah@debian.org) [051205 20:19]:
> > I've been thinking about how we could use autobuilders to
> > automatically apply kernel-patch packages and auto-build them as
> > soon as new kernels and patches are available. Many people want to
> > just install kernel-images with certain patches (I get a lot of
> > requests for images of the vserver kernel-patch),
> yes, that's exactly one of my use cases :)

Just noticed sourcerer-kernel-builder in experiemental. Perhaps that
solves the dream of this thread?

Description: automatically build new custom kernels on source upgrades
 Sourcerer-kernel-builder tracks changes in the kernel-source,
 kernel-patch and kernel-modules packages and rebuilds kernel-images
 with a custom configuration whenever packages relevant to it change.
 Sourcerer-kernel-builder also provides a frontend to manage those
 custom configuration alowing users to choose what patches and modules
 they want included.

 Many users prefer to build kernels with a custom config instead of
 using the precompiled Debian kernel-image packages. The drawback of
 this is that for every source change, like a security fix, a new kernel
 image has to be compiled manually.

 Sourcerer-kernel-builder solves this problem by watching apt for
 kernel-source, kernel-patch and kernel-module upgrades and
 automatically builds a new kernel image whenever changes are

 The kernel image is build in the background and put into an apt
 repository. The next time apt-get update; apt-get upgrade is run the
 newly build kernel-image package will then be installed. Security
 fixes and source upgrades are thus added to the custom kernel image in
 a fast and easy way.                                                  

 - Jonas

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