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Re: automatic custom kernels?


* Micah Anderson (micah@debian.org) [051205 20:19]:
> I've been thinking about how we could use autobuilders to automatically
> apply kernel-patch packages and auto-build them as soon as new kernels
> and patches are available. Many people want to just install
> kernel-images with certain patches (I get a lot of requests for images
> of the vserver kernel-patch),

yes, that's exactly one of my use cases :)

> 1. Automatically obtain the latest list of kernel-patch packages (patch
> packages can be hinted out that are known to be problematic, or only
> apply to upstream vanilla)
> 2. Automatically obtain the latest list of linux-source packages
> 3. If either #1 or #2 has new items, proceed
> 4. Individually attempt to apply each patch (verbose) to source making
> patch logs available, if failure is detected do not proceed
> 5. If indicated somewhere attempt to apply a second patch (allowing for
> kernels with grsecurity+vserver patches for example)

we could for a first round make a list of "apply patches foo, bar, baz",
so that these patches are applied in this order.

Hm, sounds like a fun project. I can definitly do the building on my
autobuilders for this. However, I have some issues with scripting the

> The solution to this could be having a separate repository for
> these patched kernel images, so you would have to make a conscious
> decision to use this repository and thus would know what you are getting
> into.

Well, perhaps we even should make the patches to be part of the
filename, so you can get something like
deb $url vserver/
deb $url vserver-grsecurity/

With this szenario, you get only the kernels to see that you really


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