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automatic custom kernels?


the approach of this mail is more broad, though I'm speaking about my
own kernels - I think there are more people with this problem:

I usually want to have some "flavoured" kernels, i.e. they should
contain certain (custom) patches. Now, there are the official source
packages, and of course binaries from them. However, if I need my own
kernel, it takes some time to compile in each instance - but
technically, this doesn't really require interaction with me. But
especially if kernels are required for more than one arch, this task can
become quite cumbersome. 

So, my question is: Is there some way to tell "everytime a new kernels
appears at $location, please apply all patches in $directory, and
compile it with this and that config for me"? If not, which would be the
way to do this?


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