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Bug#319878: kernel-image-2.6-686: the entire range of 2.6 debian kernels do not install on m/cs with <= 48mb RAM

On Mon, 25 Jul 2005, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:

telling people to "roll their own" kernel (mr horms) isn't an
acceptable option, either.  i may be able to do that (mr horms)
but other people won't be able to.

you going (mr horms) to tell me and people like me that i
should throw away perfectly good hardware????

possible solutions:

* fix the bloody 2.6 kernel so it doesn't use so much damn memory.

* fix the debian-specific, debian-created and debian-responsible
 initrd ramdisk so it doesn't require so much damn memory.

* provide an alternate "compact" ramdisk if fixing the "default"
 ramdisk isn't a viable option.

I would not normally reply to a message written in this tone, so if you would like this discussion to continue, I suggest you cool it down a notch.

You are the only person in a long time to complain that 2.6 kernels do not work on low-memory machines, so the niche is not as big as you claim. So, since you are so interested in it, why not look at the solutions, which would actually result in something constructive:

* YOU work on fixing the initrd/initramfs for lowmem machines and suggest
  a solutions to initrd-tools maintainer.

* YOU find a config which works on lowmem systems and submit it to kernel
  team for consideration of a possibility of building a special lowmem
  flavour using it.

* YOU start an alioth project, attract interested people, become a
  maintainer of a lowmem kernel package and upload it for people to use.

Honestly, it's a volunteer project and if you want support for something that's not there, the best way is just to roll up your sleeves. Flaming people will never get you anywhere.

Best regards,

Jurij Smakov                                        jurij@wooyd.org
Key: http://www.wooyd.org/pgpkey/                   KeyID: C99E03CC

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