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Bug#319878: kernel-image-2.6-686: the entire range of 2.6 debian kernels do not install on m/cs with <= 48mb RAM

Jurij Smakov writes...

> Honestly, it's a volunteer project and if you want support for something 
> that's not there, the best way is just to roll up your sleeves. Flaming 
> people will never get you anywhere.

"Our priorities are our users and free software"

The user's original bug report was more reasonable and they didn't resort to 
flaming until the bug was closed immediately with only a terse explanation. I 
interpreted the second bug report as frustration from someone who was trying 
to help by filing a bug report and being told a legitimate problem (even if 
only a few people care) wasn't a bug and to go away. Instead, how about this 
as a response,

"Thanks for your report about 2.6 requiring more than 48mb of RAM. I notice 
that the version you're reporting against is 2.6.5. This kernel is no longer 
in Debian and thus not supported, have you tried using a newer kernel 
currently available in Debian? Assuming the problem still exists in newer 
kernels (likely) we could use some help tracking down the problem. Is it 
specific to Debian kernels or does it affect upstream kernels as well? Have 
you google'd for others with this problem and potential solutions (maybe other 
distributions have solved this)? Can you try building your own kernel and if 
you get it to work let debian-kernel know what it took to fix things so that 
they can consider adding the fixes to the generic kernels (if possible)?
  Thanks again for reporting, we look forward to any additional information 
you can provide."

That took only slightly longer to write than the other responses and is more 
likely to result in a user that helps contribute to solving the problem rather 
than giving up on Debian.

Some of your comments were constructive, but phrased in a way that is libel to 
anger the submitter and make them not work on the bug (and not like Debian in 
general). A slight re-phrase and it would have been fine.

Matt Taggart

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