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Re: goals for 2.6.12-2 (and beyond)

On Thu, 21 Jul 2005 22:57:34 +0200, Goswin von Brederlow wrote:

> Andres Salomon <dilinger@athenacr.com> writes:
>>  - get at least 5 archs successfully building; probably i386, plus some
>>    combination of the archs that're already in 2.6.12-1 (powerpc,
>>    ia64, sparc, alpha, s390).  The more the merrier, of course..  When's
>>    amd64 going to start being autobuilt, anyways?
> Oh, around 20 month ago.
> Buildd logs can be found on amd64.ftbfs.de since the buildd.d.o admin
> doesn't accept amd64 log till amd64 is officialy in sid.

Heh, yea, Frederik pointed this out to me as well (on IRC).  I guess we'll
have to wait for linux-2.6 to show up on mirrors before amd64 building
will be attempted, though.

>>  - add k8 images to the i386 images, after flavours are allowed to have
>>    the same name.  Of course, this assumes the toolchain will allow
>>    cross-compilation...
> As in 64bit kernel for debian-i386?


>>  - if we have an architecture attempting to use subarches, get that
>>    working.  This will probably require (aside from various fixes all over
>>    the place) looking at the patches mechanism, making it work more in
>>    line with what we've got wrt series..
>>  - get all the missing archs included that're currently missing; that is,
>>    mips, mipsel, hppa, arm, m68k.
>> And, once all of that is done:
>>  - start using initramfs instead of an initrd.
> Anyone working on this? I'm fed up with mkinitrd enough to want to
> rewrite it, which would use initramfs then.

Jeff Bailey's working on it for ubuntu; he offered to help me get
everything into Debian, although I think they're still having issues.  So,
once it's ready...

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