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goals for 2.6.12-2 (and beyond)

linux-2.6_2.6.12-1 just hit incoming, woo!

My definite goals for 2.6.12-2 are:
 - differentiate between @longclass@ and @class@, as Frederik pointed out
   that the @class@ in 2.6.12-1 was making the synopsis line too long. 
   This is already checked into svn; it's up to arch people to update
   their desc.$flavour files, now.
 - add the ability to have flavours of the same name, across different
   arches.  mips/mipsel will be the test case for this.  Thiemo, care to
   commit some mips/mipsel stuff to the arch directory, so we can start
   playing with it?  It doesn't matter if it breaks stuff initially, we
   can fix it. :)
 - make depends/suggests dynamic for flavours, as several architectures
   have flavours that require different bootloaders.
 - clean up my substitute() shell code
 - make linux-headers-2.6.12-1 Architecture: all, with the associated
   cleanups involved in that.  The more we can remove from
   headers-install.in, the better, imo.
 - merge kernel-latest-2.6-$arch into the linux-2.6 package.  It shouldn't
   be difficult, but will require some additional targets in debian/rules
   (oh, how i long for cdbs(2) here, to automatically take care of
   this stuff for me).

My potential goals (ie, most likely for -3) are:
 - re-add qla2xxx drivers.  QLogic's lawyers are supposed to call me
   today, to discuss further minor language changes in their license;
   assuming all goes well, and their turnaround time is quick,
   hopefully the firmware for this driver will become redistributable
   before 2.6.12-2 is uploaded.  If that happens, we can readd the driver.
 - get at least 5 archs successfully building; probably i386, plus some
   combination of the archs that're already in 2.6.12-1 (powerpc,
   ia64, sparc, alpha, s390).  The more the merrier, of course..  When's
   amd64 going to start being autobuilt, anyways?
 - add k8 images to the i386 images, after flavours are allowed to have
   the same name.  Of course, this assumes the toolchain will allow
 - if we have an architecture attempting to use subarches, get that
   working.  This will probably require (aside from various fixes all over
   the place) looking at the patches mechanism, making it work more in
   line with what we've got wrt series..
 - get all the missing archs included that're currently missing; that is,
   mips, mipsel, hppa, arm, m68k.

And, once all of that is done:
 - start using initramfs instead of an initrd.

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