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Re: goals for 2.6.12-2 (and beyond)

Andres Salomon <dilinger@athenacr.com> writes:

>  - get at least 5 archs successfully building; probably i386, plus some
>    combination of the archs that're already in 2.6.12-1 (powerpc,
>    ia64, sparc, alpha, s390).  The more the merrier, of course..  When's
>    amd64 going to start being autobuilt, anyways?

Oh, around 20 month ago.

Buildd logs can be found on amd64.ftbfs.de since the buildd.d.o admin
doesn't accept amd64 log till amd64 is officialy in sid.

>  - add k8 images to the i386 images, after flavours are allowed to have
>    the same name.  Of course, this assumes the toolchain will allow
>    cross-compilation...

As in 64bit kernel for debian-i386?

>  - if we have an architecture attempting to use subarches, get that
>    working.  This will probably require (aside from various fixes all over
>    the place) looking at the patches mechanism, making it work more in
>    line with what we've got wrt series..
>  - get all the missing archs included that're currently missing; that is,
>    mips, mipsel, hppa, arm, m68k.
> And, once all of that is done:
>  - start using initramfs instead of an initrd.

Anyone working on this? I'm fed up with mkinitrd enough to want to
rewrite it, which would use initramfs then.


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