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Re: Plasma 5.27 beta (5.26.90) coming to unstable

Martin Steigerwald - 24.01.23, 11:51:44 CET:
> Martin Steigerwald - 24.01.23, 09:18:53 CET:
> > Already updated what I could with "apt upgrade". Will try again
> > later today.
> Haha, probably better wait, but could also be a fallout from the multi
> monitor changes: All backdrop images from my activities are gone. I
> will configure for some activities again, so see whether they are
> remembered then.

The other containments settings are remembered. So control panels I 
configured are still there.

Another little issue is: Calendar in systray does not open, but I bet 
this is a temporary issue due to partial update:

ui/main.qml:80:34: Type CalendarView unavailable

ui/CalendarView.qml:604:13: Cannot assign to non-existent property 

Yep that is version mismatch between plasma-workspace-date (5.27 beta) 
and plasma-workspace (5.26 although beta is available in repo already).

Ah, held back due to libkf5screen7 still at 4:5.26.5-1

My recommendation: Wait still all packages are at 5.27. As far as I 
understand later meta packages are upgrade to require 5.27 as minimum 
version, so that should be a temporary issue.


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