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Re: Plasma 5.27 beta (5.26.90) coming to unstable

On Tuesday, 24 January 2023 11:58:25 CET Martin Steigerwald wrote:
> Ah, held back due to libkf5screen7 still at 4:5.26.5-1

FWIW: kscreen version 4:5.26.90-1 (now) depends on libkf5screen8

I did not have libkf5screen7 installed, even though I do have kscreen 
installed. What seems odd is that kscreen is now at version 4:5.26.90-1, but 
libkf5screen8 is not installed or available ...
while it is a depends (>= 4:5.26.90) ?!?

So far everything seems to be working fine here \o/


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