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Re: Plasma 5.27 beta (5.26.90) coming to unstable

Martin Steigerwald - 24.01.23, 09:18:53 CET:
> Already updated what I could with "apt upgrade". Will try again later
> today.
>   kde-config-screenlocker kscreen kwin-common kwin-data kwin-wayland
>   kwin-x11 libkf5screen-bin libkf5screen-data libkscreenlocker5
>   libkwineffects14 libkwinglutils14 libreoffice libreoffice-base
>   libreoffice-base-core libreoffice-base-drivers libreoffice-calc
>   libreoffice-common libreoffice-core libreoffice-draw
> libreoffice-gtk3 libreoffice-help-common libreoffice-help-de
> libreoffice-help-en-us libreoffice-impress libreoffice-kf5
> libreoffice-l10n-de
>   libreoffice-math libreoffice-plasma libreoffice-qt5
> libreoffice-writer python3-uno

Haha, probably better wait, but could also be a fallout from the multi 
monitor changes: All backdrop images from my activities are gone. I will 
configure for some activities again, so see whether they are remembered 

Will wait till all packages are upgraded, no point opening a bug report 
with a mixed Plasma 5.26/5.27 beta setup. Probably not even reporting in 
case the issue remains with full 5.27, maybe just needs to be configured 
once again, cause the monitor assignment / ordering stuff has changed. On 
the other hand, the primary display, the notebook screens are also 

In cast that backdrop image configuration loss is due the multi monitor 
changes and not due to my partial update, it might make sense to mention 
something in Debian release notes.

Well let's see whether others on this list run into this issue. However, 
better wait till no KDE related packages are held back anymore.

> (This Libreoffice stuff is held back since days already, did not yet
> look into it closer. Might have to do with Breeze style.)

This is known:

libreoffice-common: breaks libreoffice-core from the same version



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