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Re: Mail-Server response: A000002 NO Authentication failed

On Wed, 23 Mar 2022 21:17:09 +0100
Herbert-Schwarzer <herbert.schwarzer@aon.at> wrote:

> Hello hefee,
> Yes, 'siduction' produces the same pop up window, same behaviour as
> in my main Debian 11.2 installation.
> So I changed VM-installation siduction -> KDE Neon unstable. Sadly,
> but the the same error TOO.
> It leaves me somewhat perplexed.
> It is a pity - as a normal end-user - but very interested in Debian
> since serveral years - I would like to know & explore such behaviour
> (in our mails I have learned serveral things :) )

One direction you might want to follow is to look for the specific
process which pops up the message -- see


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