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Re: KDE Apps 20.04 (and Plasma) for Debian

Le 27.04.2020 23:43, Martin Steigerwald a écrit :
Rainer Dorsch - 27.04.20, 23:07:02 CEST:
just wondering, if anybody tried Norbert's repo for sid and bullseye

Of course I would love to see current Plasma and especially KF

Guys, I'm writing from KDE Neon which I'm trying for 3 months now.

If all you want is up to date KDE packages, then you should have a look. But... understandably, it is built upon a stable base : Ubuntu LTS. So, you will not have latest softwares for anything but KDE. You can't have the best of both worlds. And frankly, KDE is in a polishing phase, there is no big changes and big benefits to update. Rather, there is lot of small changes that happens in a lot of parts that nobody use 24 hour a day.

So, I've worked with KDE Neon for three months. I didn't change anything in the default KDE configuration. Coming from Sid, the desktop wasn't the big fresh air I would have expected. A bit more stable, but I guess it is because of Ubuntu LTS, not KDE. Actualy, it is a bit boring to use daily — because I like Sid : in Sid there is often something to do, to check, to discover, up to date softwares in most parts, very good package descriptions (opposite to nothing at all in Ubuntu LTS), a lot of options to try, very good READMEs from debian teams, KDE packages to debug, etc. Sid is fun and I like to report bugs.

And also there is no miracles in KDE Neon : annoying KDE bugs are still here.

Don't expect too much in latest KDE packages. There is more changes in underlying softwares, stay in Sid if you want the latest.

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