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Re: KDE Apps 20.04 (and Plasma) for Debian

In data martedì 28 aprile 2020 00:19:26 CEST, Ihor Antonov ha scritto:
> I have started the work to compare Ubuntu's and Norbert's debdiffs, and in the 
> end I plan to submit PRs to to kde repositories in Salsa. Hopefully there will 
> be someone to review and accept it as I am new to Debian packaging.

One note about submitting work: while we certainly are fine with MRs,
please consider coordinating with us in our development list, which
is pkg-kde-talk (see [1]), especially when planning many changes.
This way it is easier to know whether anyone is working on that
already, and possibly review part of the changes ahead instead of
having to review (and ask you to resend/update) lots of MRs.

[1] https://qt-kde-team.pages.debian.net/qtkde.html

Pino Toscano

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