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Re: KDE Apps 20.04 (and Plasma) for Debian

Hi Rainer.

Hi Rainer.

Rainer Dorsch - 27.04.20, 23:07:02 CEST:
> just wondering, if anybody tried Norbert's repo for sid and bullseye
> with
> - KDE frameworks, currently version 5.69
> - Plasma packages, currently
> - KDE Apps, currently 20.04
> https://www.preining.info/blog/2020/04/kde-apps-20-04-for-debian/
> I think, any feedback would be useful.

I avoid third party repositories usually to avoid compatibility issues. 
I still remember quite some upgrade and switch between each other issues 
related those extra Debian Multimedia repository packages I used a long 
time ago.

I'd love that Debian Qt/KDE team and Norbert would work together – 
especially given that it is a small team –, but as far as I got there is 
some reason that they don't. I feel like offering an alternative 
repository, instead of first contacting the team was not all that 
helpful. I also feel like not commenting on this any further as I got 
the impression it is a somewhat sensitive issue given that as far as I 
got there has been a quite strong reaction to his offer to help.

I am grateful for Pino packaging 20.04 KDE application packages. Thanks, 
Pino! Of course I would love to see current Plasma and especially KF 
packaged, but as I am still not feeling like offering help myself, I make 
no demand either. It is all volunteer work after all.

(Now I hope I did not offend anyone by what I wrote. In case I did, 
please understand that I tried carefully not do and accept my 


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