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Re: KDE Apps 20.04 (and Plasma) for Debian

On Monday, 27 April 2020 14:43:25 PDT Martin Steigerwald wrote:
Hi Rainer.

> Hi Rainer.
> Rainer Dorsch - 27.04.20, 23:07:02 CEST:
> > just wondering, if anybody tried Norbert's repo for sid and bullseye
> > with
> > 
> > - KDE frameworks, currently version 5.69
> > - Plasma packages, currently
> > - KDE Apps, currently 20.04
> > 
> > https://www.preining.info/blog/2020/04/kde-apps-20-04-for-debian/

I tried it and some  other folks from #debiain-qt-kde channel reported success 
as well.But I live in Sid and I like it dangerous. (former Archlinux user 
here) so my tolerance level for bugs and problems is quite high.

> I'd love that Debian Qt/KDE team and Norbert would work together –
> especially given that it is a small team –, but as far as I got there is
> some reason that they don't. I feel like offering an alternative
> repository, instead of first contacting the team was not all that
> helpful. I also feel like not commenting on this any further as I got
> the impression it is a somewhat sensitive issue given that as far as I
> got there has been a quite strong reaction to his offer to help.

> (Now I hope I did not offend anyone by what I wrote. In case I did,
> please understand that I tried carefully not do and accept my
> apologies.)

Despite there are people who behave quite aggressively when Norbert's name is 
invoked I think the issue you've brought up is quite real. Nobody should be 
offended, but instead should be worried about the fact that we observe split of 
the community here. Technical work has been done, but it not included into 
Debian. I personally feel that this is a bad situation and must not be 

I have started the work to compare Ubuntu's and Norbert's debdiffs, and in the 
end I plan to submit PRs to to kde repositories in Salsa. Hopefully there will 
be someone to review and accept it as I am new to Debian packaging.

1 commit is better than 1000 words.

Ihor Antonov

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