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Re: Buster: Has anyone been able to run an app as root in KDE?

local10 ha scritto:
Oct 11, 2018, 4:08 PM by martin@lichtvoll.de:

lI simply have not tried and I see no reason to try it.

I don't do it often myself but occasionally it is useful, for example if I need to quickly browse through or compare a lot of files with root permissions or I need to make a lot of changes in a file with root perms  and I want use a decent editor like Kate while doing it.

It looks like you are referring to two specific programs, Dolphin and Kate.

Dolphin can be run (again) as root (with su, not sudo) since 18.08.0 (currently in testing) with big warning, waiting for the feature which will allow users to browse all files even without running the whole program as root.

Kate can't run directly as root, but there is a way to edit files a root:


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