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Re: Plasma PA and Pulseaudio gconf => gsettings module migration

On Thu, Jun 28, 2018 at 1:44 PM Martin Steigerwald <martin@lichtvoll.de> wrote:
> I have a user who was bit by this (apparently, without dist-upgrade):

To my knowledge without "dist-upgrade" and unless specifically asked to
by using "remote" or "purge", apt never ever removes packages.

> Start-Date: 2018-06-28  18:45:04
> Commandline: packagekit role='update-packages'
> Requested-By: john (1002)
> Upgrade:
> But:
> Remove:
> plasma-workspace:amd64 (4:5.12.5-1)
> libtaskmanager6:amd64 (4:5.12.5-1)

Just *don´t* do it then.

I know, but it wasn't me... the user just clicked YES to the updates suggested by KDE package updater. I thought its suggestions came only from "apt-get update"-able, not dist-upgrade.

​By the way, the reason he updated is that sound wasn't working anymore (only "dummy output" instead of onboard card).​


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