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Re: Plasma PA and Pulseaudio gconf => gsettings module migration

Hallo Marco.

Marco Paolieri - 28.06.18, 21:41:
> Is there an ETA for Plasma 5.13?
> I have a user who was bit by this (apparently, without dist-upgrade):

To my knowledge without "dist-upgrade" and unless specifically asked to 
by using "remote" or "purge", apt never ever removes packages.

> Start-Date: 2018-06-28  18:45:04
> Commandline: packagekit role='update-packages'
> Requested-By: john (1002)
> Upgrade:
> But:
> Remove:
> plasma-workspace:amd64 (4:5.12.5-1)
> libtaskmanager6:amd64 (4:5.12.5-1)

Just *don´t* do it then.

In order to fix things you´d need to downgrade the updated packages 
either by using snapshot.debian.org or… by using testing, and then 
reinstall that was removed.

Or you wait till Plasma 5.13 is complete and install the missing 

I have no ETA for 5.13. I did not check whether any packages need to go 
through NEW queue. You can check yourself:



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