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Re: Kmail unreliable with Gmail since 17.08

Le dimanche 7 janvier 2018, 14:43:19 CET Sandro Knauß a écrit :

> Hey,


> > Happy new year every body :)


> Happy New Year too!

Happy New Year too!


> > I've experienced lots of issues with Kmail since 17.08.

Here too !


Kmail crash on log out like this https://marc.info/?l=kdepim-users&m=150615634409722&w=2




Need to click "restart akonadi" when launching kmail on every boot.

Akregator randomly can't read my opml files and restore default..


But no problem here with gmail..





> That is very unfortunate. For me the update to 17.08 was very fluently

> without any bugs.


> But it is likely that the issue is gmail (I don't use gmail for policial

> reasons). So my mailsetup is not suitable to say something about gmail. As I

> know for reading the upstream irc, there were quite a bunch of people

> mentioning that they had issues with gmail and kmail:


> https://mail.kde.org/pipermail/kdepim-users/2017-December/001068.html


> So it is for sure a upstream problem. So please try to use search for

> solutions also within upstream bugtracker, too: https://bugs.kde.org.


> Also I know that the mantainer of kgapi was telling me, that google had

> switched or will switch there allowed way to use oauth, that's why they had

> to change the way kgapi is working.


> > This might be related to <https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?

> > bug=885182>


> sounds like. If you find any upstream bugreport, that matches please add the

> Forwared header in the bug.


> > It might be related too with the new support for Oauth: there were no

> > oauth

> > support before.


> Yes this is the base problem...


> > 1- Difficulties to retrieve mails from Gmail

> > Gmail accounts mails are usually no longer retrieved. (that is, mails sent

> > to gmail accounts of mine).

> > Akonadictl restart seems sufficient to fix that.

> > I haven't observed relevant error messages.

> >

> > Beside maybe this one:

> > org.kde.pim.imapresource: Session login cancelled

> >

> > (There are plenty of error messages, but they remain, even when mails

> > start

> > flowing again)

> > When oauth wasn't implemented, I had no issues with gmail, ever.


> this is for sure the issue with the announced changes of allowed ways to

> connect. Hopefully this issue is handled with 17.12. I'll can start

> packaging it when 17.08 had migrated to testing (hopefully the next days)

> and some more cleanup is done for the 17.08 packages.


> > 2- cpu usage surges

> > I often, but not quite as often as above, have cpu usage surges like so:

> >

> > mysqld 45%; akonadiserver 30%; akonadi_maildir 15%; kmail 10%

> >

> > The surge doesn't drop down by itself.

> > akonadictl restart is sometimes enough to fix it.

> > Sometimes a system reboot is all I've found to help.


> This is maybe the issue some users hit (you were offline each time i tried

> to resend it to you via IRC):

> <hefee> inkbottle: i had another user having the issue with 100% cpu

> akonadi, too

> <hefee> https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=384359

> <hefee> and they solved it later, by changing their default search to

> something usefull


> ^^so if you search for something, that search is saved in the "Search

> folder" - it seams like this search can be recursive and never end, if it

> is not a usefull search aka never used. You reach the search by

> "Tools->Find Messages"

> > 3- "critical security alert" from Google

> > I've got a bad security alert from Google from using Kmail, which never

> > happened before.


> As I wrote before - it is a upstream issue, so the best would be to try to

> reach upstream directly and discuss this with them. But before search in

> bugs.kde.org if it is already reported and solved withing 17.12. At least

> one core dev of KDEPIM is using gmail, and they care about gmail and write

> kgapi...


> hefee



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