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Kmail unreliable with Gmail since 17.08

Happy new year every body :)

I've experienced lots of issues with Kmail since 17.08.

This might be related to <https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?

It might be related too with the new support for Oauth: there were no oauth 
support before.

1- Difficulties to retrieve mails from Gmail
Gmail accounts mails are usually no longer retrieved. (that is, mails sent to 
gmail accounts of mine).
Akonadictl restart seems sufficient to fix that.
I haven't observed relevant error messages.
Beside maybe this one:

org.kde.pim.imapresource: Session login cancelled

(There are plenty of error messages, but they remain, even when mails start 
flowing again)

When oauth wasn't implemented, I had no issues with gmail, ever.

2- cpu usage surges
I often, but not quite as often as above, have cpu usage surges like so:

mysqld 45%; akonadiserver 30%; akonadi_maildir 15%; kmail 10%

The surge doesn't drop down by itself.
akonadictl restart is sometimes enough to fix it.
Sometimes a system reboot is all I've found to help.

3- "critical security alert" from Google
I've got a bad security alert from Google from using Kmail, which never 
happened before.


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