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Re: Kmail unreliable with Gmail since 17.08


> Happy new year every body :)

Happy New Year too!

> I've experienced lots of issues with Kmail since 17.08.

That is very unfortunate. For me the update to 17.08 was very fluently without 
any bugs. 

But it is likely that the issue is gmail (I don't use gmail for policial 
reasons). So my mailsetup is not suitable to say something about gmail. As I 
know for reading the upstream irc, there were quite a bunch of people 
mentioning that they had issues with gmail and kmail:


So it is for sure a upstream problem. So please try to use search for 
solutions also within upstream bugtracker, too: https://bugs.kde.org.

Also I know that the mantainer of kgapi was telling me, that google had 
switched or will switch there allowed way to use oauth, that's why they had to 
change the way kgapi is working.

> This might be related to <https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?
> bug=885182>

sounds like. If you find any upstream bugreport, that matches please add the 
Forwared header in the bug.

> It might be related too with the new support for Oauth: there were no oauth
> support before.

Yes this is the base problem...

> 1- Difficulties to retrieve mails from Gmail
> Gmail accounts mails are usually no longer retrieved. (that is, mails sent
> to gmail accounts of mine).
> Akonadictl restart seems sufficient to fix that.
> I haven't observed relevant error messages.

> Beside maybe this one:
> org.kde.pim.imapresource: Session login cancelled

> (There are plenty of error messages, but they remain, even when mails start
> flowing again)
> When oauth wasn't implemented, I had no issues with gmail, ever.

this is for sure the issue with the announced changes of allowed ways to 
connect. Hopefully this issue is handled with 17.12. I'll can start packaging 
it when 17.08 had migrated to testing (hopefully the next days) and some more 
cleanup is done for the 17.08 packages.
> 2- cpu usage surges
> I often, but not quite as often as above, have cpu usage surges like so:
> mysqld 45%; akonadiserver 30%; akonadi_maildir 15%; kmail 10%
> The surge doesn't drop down by itself.
> akonadictl restart is sometimes enough to fix it.
> Sometimes a system reboot is all I've found to help.

This is maybe the issue some users hit (you were offline each time i tried to 
resend it to you via IRC):
<hefee> inkbottle: i had another user having the issue with 100% cpu akonadi, 
<hefee> https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=384359
<hefee> and they solved it later, by changing their default search to 
something usefull

^^so if you search for something, that search is saved in the "Search folder"  
- it seams like this search can be recursive and never end, if it is not a 
usefull search aka never used. You reach the search by "Tools->Find Messages"

> 3- "critical security alert" from Google
> I've got a bad security alert from Google from using Kmail, which never
> happened before.

As I wrote before - it is a upstream issue, so the best would be to try to 
reach upstream directly and discuss this with them. But before search in 
bugs.kde.org if it is already reported and solved withing 17.12. At least one 
core dev of KDEPIM is using gmail, and they care about gmail and write 


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