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Re: rebooting after upgrade alway a complete mess

inkbottle composed on 2017-05-27 17:47 (UTC+0200):

>> > (dual screen w. display port (rather external than dual), thinkpad x230,
>> > intel graphics, lid closed: I am the one and only experiencing that...
>> > however that might change when testing-sid is the new stable)

Please provide output from 'lspci -nnk | grep -A4 VGA' so that we can know
precisely which Intel gfx you have. If it turns out to be Ivy Bridge, then
that's what your Googling should include. Also find your Xorg.0.log and put it
on https://paste.debian.net/ so we can see whatever Xorg errors are produced.

> Thanks for the command...
> It happens there are tones of errors,
> from 3 sources
> kscreen                       (like journalctl -b -3|egrep kscreen|wc -l => 
> 26390)
> sddm-greeter (and sddm)
> systemd

ISTR recently seeing KDE people with sddm errors solve their trouble by
switching to a different display manager, TDM, lightdm, KDM, GDM, so including
sddm in your Googling too might produce fruit.

> Actually everything broke, and kscreen has huge difficulties dealing with the 
> dual screen

> Minutes ago, kde failed to remember that the laptop screen is not to be used 
> and that it is the external screen that is used; which has consequence that 
> when I turned the external screen on and start typing the screen remained off 
> because of no input...

> Had to go in the cupboard to reach the laptop, open the lid, and see things 
> went awry, completely.

> Also, I recall it is not a new error, it is sth that's running for months, if 
> not years

> plasma + multiple monitors,
> sddm not showing cursor,
> mpv and compositor
> are also errors with many occurrences on the net

It's possible the instructions on:
may be equally applicable to you.

You may have been caught by the Intel driver change decision explained here:
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