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rebooting after upgrade alway a complete mess

Still this very problematic issue I am the only one to experience.

1 - upgrade
2 - clicking "reboot"
a - take at least 4 minutes to.. actually only logout.
b - then click on "reboot"
Does reboot but actually it hasn't shown the "booting debian splash screen" (I 
might have missed it though).
c - when showing SDDM, then take at least 4 minutes (counting with a stop 
watch) to show the mouse pointer. (what is it doing during that time is a 
3 - reboot to be safe
a - shows splash screen (boot)
b - shows mouse pointer in less than a minute.
4 - reboot to be safe
a - 4 minutes to show mouse pointer (sddm) (w/o counting the time to reach the 
stop watch)
4 - login
a - try "mpv" in no full screen -> OK
b - try mpv in fs -> OK
c - 30 min later or so try mpv again
-> kwin or plasmashell or whatever freeze
d - as usually I have a chance to access menu and click logout.
e - sddm take more than 2 minutes to show mouse pointer.

I'm am a lousy sys admin, so I won't even try to investigate.

Apart from upgrade time, I never turn off my computer, so I can't say...

(dual screen w. display port (rather external than dual), thinkpad x230, intel 
graphics, lid closed: I am the one and only experiencing that... however that 
might change when testing-sid is the new stable)


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