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Re: improving the UX with the default KDE installation

On Sun, 2 Apr 2017 00:11:40 -0700
Shawn Sörbom <shawn@sorbom.com> wrote:

I'm a bit late to this discussion, but FWIW:

> for a good "out of the box" experience, many people expect a mail
> client. Look at Kubuntu. Personally kmail would be of the first
> packages I would install on any KDE system that I would set up for an
> "average" user. A default email solution is something any distro
> should have. For a KDE specific solution, I don't think there is much
> else out there ....

I agree that typical users are going to expect some kind of email
client to be bundled with a base install.  

I've liked Kmail all its life (since KDE 2.2.x) but I'm still (happily)
using Wheezy (now LTS), and must say I'm dreading upgrading to current
stable and getting the flaky Kmail experience that seems to be what
so many people find.  JFTR, one alternative to Kmail might be
'Trojita' [1] - I haven't (yet) tried it, and it's not a KDE program,
but it _is_ part of the KDE family, professionally developed, looks
nice, well-liked and is pure-Qt so it fits well into a KDE
environment.  The only "downside" is that it's IMAP-only.

[1] http://trojita.flaska.net/

Never FDISK after midnight

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