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Re: improving the UX with the default KDE installation

On 31/03/17 13:27:14 CEST, Maximiliano Curia wrote:
> >>>   Depends: kmail                        --> change to: Suggests
> >> 
> >> It has its glitches... But I use it
> > 
> > I use it too and I propose to suggest it, and not recommend it, exactly
> > because it has it glitches and many people probably prefer other clients
> > or
> > just e-mail web interfaces even when using the Plasma desktop.
> I think that kde-standard needs to provide kmail, even if kmail is
> "glitchy", btw, it works way better than the one in jessie. The same goes
> for korganizer. kaddressbook and knotes are required for a sane kmail and
> korganizer installation respectively.

I agree that all these packages are useful for kmail and korganizer. However, 
especially when using multiple machines, a browser web can be said to be 
essential but  a complete mail suite is not. I have different computers but 
only one is used for e-mail, from my point of view is not useful to have kmail 
and friends installed by default on all my computers by default because they 
serve different purposes.

And, again, I think that kmail and its complementary applications installed by 
default are too much for the general public. We power users have our needs but 
the majority out there has more simple needs. For a lot of people the web 
interface of their only e-mail account is more than enough, meaning that what 
they need is just a web browser.


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