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Re: improving the UX with the default KDE installation

The bells, the whistles... but at the end of the maypole dance, everyone get 
So let's start with (in) the most simple apparel and add (non mandatory) veils 
on demand, instead of the contrary.
And try and help the user to fathom what's necessary from what is convenient 
and what is fashionable but somehow superfluous however.

On Thursday, March 30, 2017 5:37:25 PM CEST fradev wrote:
> If someone is still interested in the topic, here it is the list of
> dependencies required by the meta-package *kde-standard* (a dependency of
> *task-kde-desktop*) with my suggestions on the right.
> kde-standard
>   Depends: akregator                    --> change to: Suggests
I never use it
>   Depends: ark
I never use it
>   Depends: dragonplayer                 --> substitute with: vlc
I use mpv, my dragonplayer is set to dummy, actually it's phonon:
I use phonon-backend-null
Did you know that with plasma-pa you can even choose to have bluetooth audio 
streaming with mpv?
[or so it would be if that weren't for this bug:
Anyway, "depend" is too high a constraint for a video player.
>   Depends: gwenview
Never use it: I use "feh" (ok, it doesn't uses orientation indications, but 
it's nice)
>   Depends: juk                          --> change to: Suggests
Never use it
>   Depends: kaddressbook                 --> change to: Suggests
Seems nice, never succeeded to make it work; why does it ask me where to
put the data, when I don't even know what it does
>   Depends: kate                         --> change to: Suggests
I use emacs and vim; (whenever they are not to busy making war)
>   Depends: kcalc
Come on! I've got fingers for that (and even a brain sometimes). And Google, 
via Firefox can do it too.
>   Depends: kde-plasma-desktop
>   Depends: khelpcenter
There is no useful integrated help (to my mind ;-) ); When I want help about 
something: the internet is my friend, and if it's not enough, I come here.
So "suggest" at most.
>   Depends: kmail                        --> change to: Suggests
It has its glitches... But I use it
Don't forget to "akonadictl restart" every now and then; And if you don't have 
mail don't jump to conclusion in thinking nobody write to you anymore.
Plus plenty of other issues.
>   Depends: knotes                       --> change to: Suggests
>   Depends: kopete                       --> change to: Suggests
>   Depends: korganizer                   --> change to: Suggests
>   Depends: kde-spectacle
I use "scrot" + "xbindkeys" + "feh" which presents the result automatically;
very efficient
"Depend" is too high: it's not "necessary" in anyway.
>   Depends: kwalletmanager
To my mind it is the best way to loose your data:
it is the epitome of transparency.
I never voluntarily use it; disable it whenever I can.
I use: Keepassx => So I know *what* I've stored, and *where* it is.
Also I've noticed that my WPA password is stored in clear there:
This happened automatically during unofficial (viz. with firmware) netinst.
I wouldn't recommend kwalletmanager to anybody.
Put: export CHROMIUM_FLAGS="$CHROMIUM_FLAGS --password-store=basic"
in your ~/.profile to prevent Chromium from nagging you with Kwallet every 
>   Depends: okular
Even though I'm a fan, depend is a bit too much to my mind.
I would recommend "recommend" here
>   Depends: plasma-dataengines-addons
I'm agnostic about that
>   Depends: plasma-pa
That, I agree with
>   Depends: plasma-runners-addons
>   Depends: plasma-wallpapers-addons
>   Depends: plasma-widgets-addons
>   Depends: polkit-kde-agent-1
>   Depends: sweeper                      --> change to: Suggests
>   Breaks: <kde-minimal>
>   Recommends: konq-plugins              --> REMOVE
>   Recommends: plasma-nm                 --> change to: Depends
I don't use it + it must use kwallet; so recommend is enough to my mind
>   Suggests: <kde-l10n>
>   Suggests: skanlite

Then "kde-plasma-desktop"
Depends: kde-baseapps
Which in turn

dep: dolphin
Well integrated (to my mind)
dep: kde-baseapps-bin
dep: kdepasswd 
Recommend or suggest
dep: kfind 
?? (is it needed for Baloo?)
dep: konqueror
Recommend or suggest
Note: task-kde-desktop recommends Firefox
So we do already have a web browser.
Actually, it should recommend "www-browser" instead of Konqueror, firefox, or 
dep: konsole
I use it, but one might like some other terminal emulator
dep: kwrite
Recommend or suggest
Not Depend, I never ever use it
rec: konqueror-nsplugins

Another thing:
When one does an install with "task-kde-desktop"
one should have a working UI, plus Internet (browser), so that one can fix 
what is not already working...

Not every bells and whistles (+ kitchen sink)

Because as it is now, it takes 2 hours to make the install...
and 2 weeks to find out every unnecessary possible things and to put them 

All that is mostly a POV thing, so to be taken with the necessary grain of 


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