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Re: improving the UX with the default KDE installation

On 03/30/2017 08:37 AM, fradev wrote:
If someone is still interested in the topic, here it is the list of
dependencies required by the meta-package *kde-standard* (a dependency of
*task-kde-desktop*) with my suggestions on the right.

  Depends: akregator                    --> change to: Suggests
  Depends: ark
  Depends: dragonplayer                 --> substitute with: vlc
  Depends: gwenview
  Depends: juk                          --> change to: Suggests
  Depends: kaddressbook                 --> change to: Suggests
  Depends: kate                         --> change to: Suggests
  Depends: kcalc
  Depends: kde-plasma-desktop
  Depends: khelpcenter
  Depends: kmail                        --> change to: Suggests
  Depends: knotes                       --> change to: Suggests
  Depends: kopete                       --> change to: Suggests
  Depends: korganizer                   --> change to: Suggests
  Depends: kde-spectacle
  Depends: kwalletmanager
  Depends: okular
  Depends: plasma-dataengines-addons
  Depends: plasma-pa
  Depends: plasma-runners-addons
  Depends: plasma-wallpapers-addons
  Depends: plasma-widgets-addons
  Depends: polkit-kde-agent-1
  Depends: sweeper                      --> change to: Suggests
  Breaks: <kde-minimal>
  Recommends: konq-plugins              --> REMOVE
  Recommends: plasma-nm                 --> change to: Depends
  Suggests: <kde-l10n>
  Suggests: skanlite

Comments and suggestions are welcome. I'm planning to submit a bug report (as
a wishlist item) in the next days to see if the issue can be discussed with
the maintainers and if something can be done in time for the release of



kde-standard installs more than 130 packages that I do not have on any of my more than 30 installed kde-plasma-desktop's, it's something I will not install for anybody, kmail along makes no sense, to me it should be a stand-along application including it's wizards without pulling in everything PIM. So to me it's not a usable mail client unless someone wants all of PIM. Another thing, on installing kmail it will ask where you want your folders. WHY? Why don't it have defaults and then if the user wants to move the stuff let them. To me KDE PIM is a big mess and always has been, but I never was an evolution user either.

I won't use dolphin unless I'm forced to use it and konq-plugins is a needed package for konqueror.

No auto-updating for me and sweeper over bleachbit is a haha.

I'm no longer a business person, I just make text notes and copy to text a new recipe once in a while. I haven't needed office in a longtime, but when office is needed I think open software can't be beat, but is it needed on every computer? It's fine for kde-standard.

When I started this, I wanted a small list of packages that will work when installed, kde-connect, bluetooth, wireless. I go to linux conference and deb.org person after deb.org person can not configure wireless and these things just need to work.

KDE does somethings I think are totally WTF, like making oxygen-cursor mandatory, no matter how many different colors it has, it still has balls. I guess every version has to have a WTF or it would not be KDE.

I hope you're having a great day!

Jimmy Johnson

Debian Stretch - Plasma 5.8.6 - EXT4 at sda11
Registered Linux User #380263

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